New Fees for 2020

For the last ten years we never ever changed our membership / visitor's fee. Unfortunately, everything get's more expensive these days and our rent, insurance etc is increasing as well. So from January 2018 the new membership / visitor fees become applicable.

Here are the new fees:

Individual Membership: 700.00 N$
Family* Membership: 1000.00 N$
Students Membership: 300.00 N$
Pensioner** Membership: 300.00 N$

* Family: A minimum of 2 people with1 grade relationship (Married couple/children)
** Pensioner are defined as min. 65 years of age

Day Visitor's:

Individual Day Visitors: 75.00 N$/day

Range use by professionals (Security Companies / Training Companies):

Per trainee 100.00 N$/day