Is it difficult to join the club? And what does it cost?
No, it isn't difficult to join as long as you don't have a criminal record. Detailed information, Membership fees and membership application forms you will find under "How to join" in the main menu.

What are the opening hours at the range?

You can shoot any time from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. Only while we run competitions the range might be closed for none competing members and the public. So please have a look at our shooting calendar to avoid coming out for nothing.

Is the range open for none club members?
Yes, the range is open to none club members but an entrance fee day/shooter has to be paid.

Individual Day Visitors: 75.00 N$/day

Can I use the range as a profit oriented company for training?

Range use by professionals (Security Companies / Training Companies):

The range or parts of it can be rented by professionals (Security companies / Training companies). We do not charge a flat fee but a fee per trainee being part of the training.Contact us for availability.

Per trainee 100.00 N$/day

Can I bring my own targets?
Yes, you can but ….. only proper paper targets are permitted.

No cans, no bottles, no plastic containers,no retired electronic devices or tv's.
You are also obliged to remove your target after you have finished shooting and take it back home.

Violating any of the above will result in being banned from the premises.

Can I buy a target at the range?

Yes, you can! We charge you 10 N$ for a target. The target stand has to be given back after you finished shooting.

Does the club provide rental firearms?
No, unfortunately not!

Can I buy ammunition at the range?
No, you can't!