Requirements to join the club:

Any Namibian / none Namibian being 21 years of age and without a criminal record can join SPSC.

Being younger than 21 years of age the parents/legal guardians have to sign the membership agreement on behalf of the applicant.

What are the membership fees?

Individual Membership: 700.00 N$
Family* Membership: 1000.00 N$
Students Membership: 300.00 N$
Pensioner** Membership: 300.00 N$

* Family: A minimum of 2 people with1 grade relationship (Married couple/children)
In Case you apply for a "Family Membership" you need to provide all the personal information, copies of ID, passport photo for each family member you want to have covered by this membership agreement as for yourself.

** Pensioner are defined as min. 65 years of age

What do we need from you to accept you as a member?

Membership Agreement

Download the membership agreement
Complete the form and sign.
Fill in all the required information (in clear and readable block letters - if we can't read it your application will be rejected).

Download the waiver
Complete the form and sign.


We need a copy of your ID or Passport in case you don't have an Namibian ID.

Passport Photo

We need a passport photograph (electronic image as .JPEG or PNG will do) from you

Proof of payment

Proof of payment is required along with all the other information

Where to send all of it?

All the information must be send electronically to :

All the necessary files can be found under DOWNLOADS